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If you have a National Meteorological Society (NMSoc) and are not yet a member but would like to become a member, please complete the information on the following link:


If you are not an NMSoc but are an organization dealing with meteorology, you can become an Associate Member by clicking on the above link and completing the required information.

Creating NMSoc

Looking at the advantages of becoming a member of AfMS and IFMS and availing the benefits of various programs offered by these organizations, we urge all those Nations which do not have an NMSoc, to start one.  In these turbulent times of Global; Warming and Climate Change (GW&CC) NMSocs can assist the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS) in building capacity in the nation – not only through their own programs but even more so through membership and collaboration with AfMS and IFMS which can connect you to any other powerful NMSoc like AMS, RMetS and many others or Regional Meteorological Society like EMS.  Normally these NMSocs are started by the NMHS and professionals from local universities.  AfMS and IFMS will help you in doing so.  Please make your request to start a new NMSoc in your country through the following link: