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Accurate weather forecasting is extremely important for improving the economy of African Nations and safeguarding them from weather related disasters. In the nations of Africa, National Meteorological and Hydrological Service, National Meteorological Societies, weather and climate scientists, users of applied meteorology and dedicated weather amateurs have encouraged and enabled the advancement of meteorology for many years. In the year 2021, with the kind assistance of the IFMS (www.ifms.org), the Meteorological Societies in Africa have established a permanent organization called African Meteorological Society (AfMS) for their cooperation to build capacity in Africa.  AfMS with the assistance of IFMS will organize Education and Training (E&T), Conferences, Science and Technology (S&T) Collaborations, etc. to build capacity in Africa.

AfMS will pay particular attention to those aspects of meteorology which can be solved only on an Africa-wide basis or are best approached on that scale. This organization is based on a well-defined Constitution and By-Laws which are presented under the Resources Tab.

In order to take advantage of AfMS and IFMS activities, we urge all existing NMSocs to become AfMS and IFMS Member.

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If you do not yet have an NMSoc in your country, please start one.  Use the following button to make the request for assistance to create an NMSoc:

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Building Capacity in Africa through Education and Training as well as Collaboration in Science and Technology

The African Meteorological Society was inaugurated on November 30, 2023, with great pomp and show. The Chief Guest was Mr. David Grimes, the Past President of WMO
Many people participated as presenters and others as participants to witness the show. We are now operationalizing AFMS through committee which are shown at Committees and Volunteers.
We plan to issue our first Newsletter, the first journal, and the first Conference is not too distant future.

Latest News

The African Meteorological Society, also called AfMS, is dedicated to building capacity in Africa to withstand the disastrous effects of Climate Change. …

The African Meteorological Society also called AfMS is dedicated to building capacity in Africa against Climate Change. We are in the process …

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